Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning 2 Go is the name to trust when it comes to cleaning your valuable clothing. Delicate garments can get spoiled with improper handling and rough treatment. Dry Cleaning 2 Go offers you fast, reliable and affordable dry cleaning services. 

If you need your clothes the next day and don’t know whom to trust, call Dry Cleaning 2 Go now. We offer you quick dry cleaning services along with home pickup and drop services. Not only will you get your clothes faster but at your doorsteps too. 

We offer best in class Dry Cleaning Services at the most affordable prices. Dry Cleaning 2 Go takes pride in its ability to cater to larger customer base due to very affordable prices. But, this in any way doesn’t undermine the quality of dry cleaning services we provide. We pass all the garments through seven stages quality dry cleaning process. This ensures that we deliver best in class services to our customers.

Seven Stage Process of Dry Cleaning 

1. Primary Check for Stains and Spots: On receiving the garments we run a primary inspection to point out all the stains present on the garment so that they can be cleaned properly. The clothes are tagged at this stage.

2. Cleaning the Stains and Spots: Before dry cleaning, the garments are sent to our spot and stain removal experts. They clean all the tough stains so that the garment appears as it never had that stain.

3. Sorting: At this stage, our experts sort the clothes for dry cleaning. The sorting is done on the basis of color, fabric, delicateness and the care label instructions. This ensures that even the slightest harm isn’t caused due to the selection of unsuitable cleaning solutions. 

4. Dry Cleaning: Our experts dry clean your clothes with great care and dedication. All dirt, grease, and unwanted deposits are cleaned carefully. Our experts ensure that the proper solutions are used so that sensitive clothes do not get affected adversely. 

5. Drying: Now, the clothes are dried as per the care label instruction on the clothes. All clothes were not created equal and we at Dry Cleaning 2 Go understand it in absolutely clear terms.

6. Ironing: This is the stage where the clothes get their crisp form again. We steam iron the clothes and remove wrinkles, creases, and pleats. 

7. Final Inspection: This is the stage where our experts do a final inspection. They ensure that all the marked spots and stains have vanished completely. You’ll get amazingly dry cleaned clothes from Dry Cleaning 2 Go within the expected time frame.   

What sets us apart?

Great Dry Cleaning

We proudly boast about the fact that we offer great dry cleaning services. We have it and we flaunt it. Period.

Affordable Pricing

We’ve always believed that good things must always come at a great price so they remain accessible to everyone. Dry Cleaning Prices in Canada vary greatly. Some are offering low-grade services at dirt cheap rates while others fleece you with the prices. Dry Cleaning 2 Go is here to offer you Best Dry Cleaning Prices for amazing dry cleaning services. Cheap Dry Cleaning can cost you a lot in terms of the fabric damage. Don’t settle for the rest when you can get the Best Cleaners at affordable Dry Cleaning Prices

Free Pickup/ Delivery

Forgetting to leave your clothes to the dry cleaners is the most common reason for delayed dry cleaning. Dry Cleaning 2 Go offers you freedom from this worry through its Free Pick up  Dry Cleaning Service. Just give us a call or fill out the form on the website and well pick up the clothes from your doorstep and deliver them to you within a short time period. You can also request a pickup through our mobile app available on both Android and iOS play store.


We are here to provide the best dry cleaning services in Canada at the most affordable prices. We bring to you the best blend of convenience, technology, and pricing. Feel free to give us a call anytime you need dry cleaning services and Dry Cleaning 2 Go will be there to help you.