Wet Cleaning

Professional Wet Cleaning is one of the most eco-friendly alternatives of Dry Cleaning. This method doesn't use solvents or toxic chemicals. We can process even the most delicate garments of silk and wool through this technology. Wet Cleaning Services have become very popular in the past few years. It ensures that you get thoroughly cleaned and fresh clothes.  There is no risk of clothes getting damaged. 

Dry Cleaning 2 Go is the name to look for Wet Cleaning in Canada. We have great infrastructure, machinery, and experts to take the best care of your clothes. We offer best in class Wet Cleaning Services through our free pick up and delivery. Call us for a pickup or you can even fill out the form on our website.  

  Your convenience is very important for us. We also understand the value of things like pricing, delivery, and quality of work. We have chalked out a clear framework to ensure this. 

We give great importance to the following three things:

Though Wet Cleaning may sound like washing clothes at your home it’s completely different from Professional Wet Cleaning. It involves precise selection of garments, cleaning agents and a delicate finishing process. 

It gives better results than dry cleaning in most of the cases and improves the life of your garments. Dry Cleaning 2 Go has a well-defined process for wet cleaning.

The Wet Cleaning Process:

Inspection and Sorting: We examine all the garments closely for all kinds of stains or spots. We segregate the garments on the basis of water soluble stains or oil soluble stains. It is very important as this would determine the kind of treatment and the cleaning agent required for cleaning. Further, the garments are again separated on the basis of color and fabric. We note all the stains and spots for pre-cleaning and label them.

Pre-cleaning: We pre-clean all the labeled stains and spots. Our experts ensure that the spots and stains are cleared completely. A final check is made to ensure that no more stains are left. 

Wet-cleaning: We wash the clothes in hi-tech machines with a little amount of water and special cleaning agents. This is a safe procedure for all kind of fabrics. The experts always ensure that no harm comesto your garments. 

Maintaining the delicate balance of temperature and agitation: Dry Cleaning 2 Go understands the delicateness of fabrics. It gives proper attention to the garments they deserve. A delicate balance of temperature and agitation is maintained at all times. This ensures that the fabrics get cleaned properly but do not get damaged in the process.  

The Drying: We dry the clothes slowly and ensure that they retain the right amount of moisture required for the further steaming process.

Crease and Wrinkle removal: Through the use of modern technology, we remove the wrinkles and creases. We use special equipment to blow dry the clothes through steam and pressure. This great technology helps in removing all the wrinkles and creases. The steam and pressure inflatethe garments to their actual shape. The garments get very special attention at this stage. Every piece of garment is treated individually. Our experts are there to ensure that you get the best results.

Ironing: This is the final stage where our experts will iron the garments before putting them back on the hangers to be packed to delivery. They will also run final inspection to see that the garment to be delivered is in its best condition.

The process in parts may look similar to Wet Cleaning at Home. But, it is completely different. The equipment and expertise play a very big role here.  

Dry Cleaning 2 Go is your expert at Wet Cleaning Clothes. We deliver the clothes at your doorsteps within specified timelines. We have kept the most affordable and transparent pricing system.

You can easily reach out to us through our phone number between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. You can also book a pickup through our website by filling out the form. Our mobile application is available on both Android and iOS play stores. It will help you in booking pickups and getting the updates for the delivery of the garments.     


So, if you want to get your clothes wet cleaned, what are you waiting for? Give us a call now and get free pickup/delivery of your garments at your doorsteps without any extra charge.